Empowering individuals & Leaders in creative health

with Yoga Training & Integrative Consulting

It's easy to get stuck & feel weighed down when you are actively building a better world.

We started Groove Forward because we wanted a place to feel connected & find inspiration, a platform to promote peace & harmony.

We are standing on the edge of a revolution. So let's work together to redefine education & reclaim health for our communities.

Welcome to the movement!




Are you creating positive change? We are building a network of passionate people who are actively working in the field of Creative Health.



Are you searching for wisdom & resources? Groove Forward offers an integrative approach to wellness through Yoga training & online courses.



Do you want to develop purposeful work? We provide personal support & professional direction to help you build a thriving practice.

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CALLING ALL: Emerging Experts, Health Advocates, & Radical Creatives

let's recreate a well world

Our mission is to elevate the field of creative health by fostering collaborative projects & developing integrative programs for health education.