We are standing on the edge of a revolution. We are the ones who are changing the world.

{artists, teachers, therapists, yogis, scientists, engineers, environmentalists, and health professionals}


We are here to Groove Forward.

+ to actively promote peace & harmony

+ to create an integrative approach to wellness

+ to redefine models of education & reclaim health for our communities

Let's work together & recreate a well world

Creative Health

Are you already helping people create positive change in their lives?  We are building a community that values integrative health and creative forms of education.

Meditation Library

Are you looking for resources to support your growth?  We publish free meditations, Yoga exercises, and illustrated poetry so you can deepen your personal practice.

Embodied Consulting

Are you a passionate person who wants to channel your energy?  We offer personal support & professional direction to help you develop purposeful work that reflects your authentic self.