Welcome to Groove Forward Yoga

A creative wellness community seeking social justice & spiritual health

Our mission is to offer education and resources for people to create positive change in themselves & the world.

Groove /ɡro͞ov/
(v) to enjoy oneself
(n) an established routine

Forward /ˈfôrwərd/
(v) to help advance or progress
(adv) towards the future


A peaceful world is possible if you cultivate peace within yourself.

Your true nature is divine. Deep within your heart, you hold the capacity for love, healing and powerful transformation. You have the intelligence to access your body's wisdom on a daily basis, and you have the responsibility to revolutionize the way you exist in the world. Your health is the most valuable natural resource, and your spiritual practice can be measured by the quality of your relationships. There are many paths to realize your desires, and collaboration is the key to unlocking your highest creative potential.  So let's groove forward ~ together.


Tantra Yoga is the devotion to your desires.

Individuals seeking guidance & self-care


Couples seeking deeper love & intimacy


Creative entrepreneurs seeking clarity & direction


Maria Borghoff (E-RYT, YACEP) is a skillful teacher who offers a friendly, integrative approach for people of all backgrounds & belief systems.

Tantra Yoga is a wisdom tradition with practical and evidence-based methods to nourish your body and balance your energy. Holistic practices are customized to your personal needs and desires ~ designed to leave you feeling grounded, inspired, supported and empowered. Classes & private sessions may include:

Yoga Asana & Pranayama
Vedic Chanting & Mantra Meditation
Creative Visualization
Goddess Psychology & Tantra Philosophy
Therapeutic Essentials & Ayurvedic Cleansing
Daily Ritual & Sacred Ceremony

Curious to learn more? Please contact Maria for more details.

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