Private Yoga & Tantric Readings for individuals, couples & creative entrepreneurs.

"Maria’s methodology is a true representation of her passions & her gifts. In our work together I was able to cultivate a stronger connection between my mind & my body, and unearth a powerful vision for myself as a creator. As a result, I am infinitely more grounded, not just in my personal practice, but on my journey to self actualization."

Virtual private sessions (via Skype or Facetime) with Maria are customized and may include:

+ Physical exercises & strength-training to increase circulation, flexibility & self-confidence

+ Meditation, breathing & relaxation techniques to relieve stress, restore your vital energy & create a sense of peace

+ Holistic nutrition & Ayurvedic lifestyle adjustments to support healthy digestion & find balance in your body-mind

+ Tantra philosophy & intimacy exercises to deepen your relationships, increase emotional intelligence & foster soulful connections

+ Playful partner activities to heighten your self-awareness, navigate your desires, & harness your sexual energy

+ Creative projects & communication practices for authentic self-expression & intentional living

+ Daily rituals & sacred ceremonies to support your path of self-healing & spiritual growth





Creative Entrepreneurs

Wise Words From Students

"Maria's teaching style is so valuable that I wish it was fundamental part of an educational program offered to a wide group of individuals. It brought forth many thoughts & blockages that I needed to feel & work through to be lighter. It also gave me tools to use in the future to continue this process throughout all aspects of my life."

“Maria’s helped me connect my body with my mind in a way that I’ve never experienced. Finding a cause for discomfort in the body and giving me visualizations and exercises to helped eliminate the discomfort and form new habits to avoid it in the future.”

"Maria's teaching style is beautifully direct and creative. All love and beauty surround her. Each word she speaks is filled with knowledge and passion. She leaves room for your own interpretations while guiding you to see things from another perspective. I feel like I have opened my heart space up and allowed more time for myself to grow and experience life and truly feel each experience along the way - simply observe and notice what I notice. Lovely!"

“I contacted Maria with hopes that she could help me improve my ability to communicate my emotions to others effectively, a concept that I have struggled with for most of my life. The results were unbelievable, and almost immediate - never have I felt more comfortable and at ease addressing my personal weaknesses. Maria is judgement free, soothing, and confident; most importantly, she genuinely cares about helping others and empowering them to enrich their lives and overcome their unique obstacles, which is reflected in her personal and interactive approach. I really can’t thank her enough! ”

“Maria’s holistic approach is truly an effective way to change your habits and life. Maria helped me to visualize what I want in a partner and then equipped me with a way to get there, without inserting her opinions (as I’ve experienced in the past). She’s truly a teacher who doesn’t just tell you what you want or what you should want, but she empowers you to reach these conclusions and gives you concrete ways to achieve your goals.”

“Working with Maria has been incredible. We accomplished in a couple of hours what likely would have taken me weeks to plan and sort through. Maria’s holistic approach brought a sense of peace & calm to the process, allowing me to trust myself and the work I do. I’ve learned so much from working with her and it has given me to confidence to continue to expand my business in a new way.”

"Working with Maria is a treat, and meetings with her feel like finally receiving the assistance you want from teachers with the warmth of what you want from friends. She is a receptive, insightful, and strong guide, and allows space for whatever comes up to come up--moving through it towards a positive flow of co-creation. Her feedback is fueled with support and creative idea-generation. Interest. Passion. Insight. I leave our meetings reminded of my own creative power with the support to propel me forward. She’s a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra insight and inspiration in their personal projects!"

“Maria and her work is a blessing. She might not know it, but she is actually handing people golden keys to open a wider part of their inner and outer world. And real life things happen as a result of that opening, with awe and adventure!”


Private Yoga & Tantric Readings with Maria

Option 1: Single Session / $85

One 60-minute session with body-centered practice & personalized teaching. Includes follow-up email with customized Tantra Yoga practice & creative assignment to keep you moving forward on your path of self-discovery. ++ Payment is due at the end of session. 24/hour advance cancellation required.

Option 2: One-Month Immersion / $320

Four 60-minute sessions on a weekly basis for one month, designed for cultivating love, clarity, enthusiasm and a strong sense of devotion in your daily life. Includes customized Tantra Yoga practices, creative assignments and email support between sessions. This is a profound experience to shift your focus, gain a new perspective, and take steps in the right direction as you develop a personal practice that serves your life. ++ Payment is due before first session & investment is non-refundable. 24/hour advance cancellation required for individual sessions.

Option 3: Three-Month Program / $750 (or 3 Payments of $250)

Nine 60-minute sessions spread out over the course of three months. Includes a full assessment of your desires, customized Tantra Yoga practices, creative assignments, and email communication between sessions for further reflection & personal integration. This is a powerful commitment to create an intimate soul-connection with yourself, enhance your health & relationships, and discover a more meaningful life. ++ Full or monthly payments due before first session. Investment is non-refundable & enrollment in program confirms student's agreement to pay full tuition within 90-days of start date. 24/hour advance cancellation required for individual sessions.

Students from all backgrounds and levels of Yoga experience are welcome.  Please complete the form below, and Maria will give you a call to discuss your desires.

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