Develop creative & engaging educational programs and effective marketing strategies that align with your values.

Whether you want to build a website, launch an online course, design a coaching program or training curriculum, publish a book of poetry, or revamp your service-based business, Groove Forward Business Consulting will help you discover your authentic voice & share it with the world. We use practical resources and grounded methods to help you sharpen your focus, communicate a clear message to your audience, and develop successful & sustainable practices for your business.


"Working with Maria has been incredible. We accomplished in a couple of hours what likely would have taken me weeks to plan & sort through. Maria helped bring focus & intention as we planned a workshop & created authentic marketing strategies. Maria's holistic approach brought a sense of peace & calm to the process, allowing me to trust myself & the work I do. I've learned so much from working with her & it has given me to confidence to continue to expand my business in a new way."

- Joy, LCSW & Psychotherapist

Holistic business Consulting

Groove Forward designs custom service packages for each of our clients.

Everyone needs a different kind of support, so we work directly with you to create a project proposal that is specific to your business needs & still within your budget.

+ Branding, Marketing & Web Design

+ Curriculum & Education Programming

+ Event Organization & Promotion

+ Media Production & Online Publication

+ Community & Network Connections

+ Creative Prompts & Wellness Support

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"Working with Maria is a treat, and meetings with her feel like finally receiving the assistance you want from teachers with the warmth of what you want from friends. She is a receptive, insightful, and strong guide, and allows space for whatever comes up to come up--moving through it towards a positive flow of co-creation. Her feedback is fueled with support and creative idea-generation. Interest. Passion. Insight. I leave our meetings reminded of my own creative power with the support to propel me forward. She’s a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra insight and inspiration in their personal projects!"

- Taylor, Artist & Writer

"Maria’s methodology is a true representation of her passions & her gifts. In our work together I was able to cultivate a stronger connection between my mind & my body, and unearth a powerful vision for myself as a creator. As a result, I am infinitely more grounded, not just in my personal practice, but on my journey to self actualization."

- Rye, Integrative Health Coach & Founder of New School Kitchen

“Maria has a beautiful way with words. She listens to my thoughts and ideas and presents them back to me in new and exciting ways. She has helped me remember the inspiration for my dreams and goals and she encourages me to take action. Maria is a creative independent thinker and a wonderful being to share time with.”

- Samantha, Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Practitioner


Emerging artists, teachers, therapists, & health practitioners are welcome to apply.

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