Love Notes from Students

“Maria’s methodology is a true representation of her passions & her gifts. In our work together I was able to cultivate a stronger connection between my mind & my body, and unearth a powerful vision for myself as a creator. As a result, I am infinitely more grounded, not just in my personal practice, but on my journey to self actualization.”

“Maria’s program is so valuable that I wish it was fundamental part of an educational program offered to a wide group of individuals. It brought forth many thoughts and blockages that I needed to feel and work through to be lighter. It also gave me tools to use in the future to continue this process throughout all aspects of my life.”

“Maria’s teaching helped me come back to my self, to my body, and out of my hyperactive mind. It allowed me to see how I can live and exist in this life through my body and my perception, instead of trying to fit a role I thought I was supposed to be in. I have learned to dive into sensations, learn about them, explore them, and overall know myself more therefore allowing me to experience life with the same curiosity and drive and I am so thankful and excited to learn more.”

“Maria’s teaching style is beautifully direct and creative. All love and beauty surround her. Each word she speaks is filled with knowledge and passion. She leaves room for your own interpretations while guiding you to see things from another perspective. I feel like I have opened my heart space up and allowed more time for myself to grow and experience life and truly feel each experience along the way - simply observe and notice what I notice. Lovely!”

“I enjoy the simplicity in my study of Tantra with Maria. Her teaching style is accessible, open and deeply intelligent. Her online course is invaluable and a wonderful tool to use as a connection strengthener. As a result, my relationship with my wife is more textured.”

“I have always wanted to be someone that can harness their energy and use it to be a positive force in my environments, I just didn't know how to harness it yet. After a course with Maria, I have a better grasp on my own energy. Having this grasp helps me feel in control, which is something I rarely feel.”

“Yoga Teacher Training was an experience unlike any other. I came face to face with all parts of me, the good, the bad and ugly. The training showed me how to take all of these parts and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. I took a chance and stepped into the unknown and with the help of Maria she helped me realize I already had what I needed to be the yogi that I had envisioned.”

“I began Yoga teacher training unsure if I was ready and able to begin the journey. As I learned along the way, we often have to trust ourselves and those that support us, and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Maria opened so many avenues for me to begin to understand my place in the world. Our group built a safe community to ask big questions, dance, sing, play, and practice. More importantly, I feel the training gave me the means to rediscover my truest self. I learned so much and only have more questions and wonderings for what is yet to be discovered. I worked times I cried, and felt confused and uncertain of my journey. But a belief that I was on a path to "coming home", which was cultivated throughout the training, kept me going. The training gave me a strong foundation for my asana practice but I am most grateful for all the other magic that was uncovered and continues to be learned and practiced off the mat.”

“Working with Maria has been incredible. We accomplished in a couple of hours what likely would have taken me weeks to plan and sort through. Maria’s holistic approach brought a sense of peace & calm to the process, allowing me to trust myself and the work I do. I’ve learned so much from working with her and it has given me to confidence to continue to expand my business in a new way.”

“Maria’s teaching style is creative, intuitive, vulnerable, inviting, warm, CHALLENGING. Ha. Ass-kicking, at least when it came to the asana. I feel more connected to my spirituality, my sexuality, and my art, and have been able to see and feel the interdependence between them. Maria has encouraged me to stitch my heart together with my sexuality and creativity and it’s been a really interesting journey. I have already noticed my incorporation of the material into my life surrounding these things in both subtle and obvious ways. I’m happy I followed that “strong pull” and signed up for the series!!”

“Maria has encouraged me to stitch my heart together with my sexuality and creativity and it's been a really interesting journey.I feel more connected to my spirituality, my sexuality, and my art, and have been able to see and feel the interdependence between them. I have opened up to my intuitive guidance more fully and have been able to drill down into what it is, exactly, that I am seeking - with some fairly surprising results!”