Sex & Intimacy

Love is the greatest form of art, and sexual intimacy is the means of creative expression. Tantra Yoga offers a wide range of practices to inspire a deeper connection with your partner and radically enhance your sex life. Sexuality is often shrouded with shame, discomfort, guilt, embarrassment, jealousy, attachment, avoidance, and miscommunication. But you are the only one responsible for moving past your limitations, and the only way to experience true ecstasy is to master the craft of empathy. You must embrace vulnerability as an opportunity to face your fear of the unknown and confidently express your needs and desires. Tantra empowers you to break free from the boring, passionless, and routine habits of sexual intercourse so that you can regularly experience transformational orgasm, ecstatic lovemaking, and sexual bliss. If you are craving more honest affection, spontaneity, pleasure, life-changing orgasms, and soulful sex, please contact Maria to learn more.

Making love is the highest form of Yoga - and the most demanding. You are called to bring every molecule of awareness and skill to each moment and be ready for anything. You need to attend simultaneously to the energies of your own body and of your lover’s.

- Lorin Roche

The cosmic dance of feminine and masculine energy makes profound connection possible. In Tantra Yoga, there are three channels of energy that weave around the spinal column: 1) Ida (Yin / Feminine), 2) Pingala (Yang / Masculine), and 3) Sushumna (Union / Joyous Mind). The goal (of Yoga and sexual orgasm) is to channel energy into spinal column where Sushumna resides. Interestingly, western medicine has also found three major nerves that connect the cervix and brain center, creating a more sensational orgasm when compared to nerve endings in the clitoris. But the cervix is located deep inside the body and past traumas are often stored here, which means that a woman needs time to build trust with her partner so that she can be completely open and relaxed in order to open the door of the “joyous mind” that resides in the cervix. Don’t worry - men also have a similar pressure point located at the center of the pelvic floor and base of the penis. If you wish to learn physical, mindful, and spiritual techniques to enhance the experience of orgasm, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.