The heart of Tantra Yoga offers a gateway to nourish, inspire, empower, and liberate you from suffering by giving you the tools to discover and love your true self. Tantra Yoga teaches that your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. From this perspective, you can address global issues of oppression, injustice, poverty, and violence by learning to feel your own physical and emotional pain with a sense of love, curiosity and acceptance. Groove Forward offers Tantra Yoga counseling and online courses to help you skillfully navigate your daily life with strength, stability, clarity, and intention ~ physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, socially and spiritually.

Your task is to love what you don’t understand.

- Rainer Marie Rilke

Daily self-care practices include Hatha Yoga asana (physical postures for strength and flexibility), Pranayama (breathing exercises for relaxation and stress relief), Ayurveda (holistic nutrition for cleansing and digestion), Mantra (sacred sound for inspiration and transformation), Yantra (visual diagram for intuition and alignment), and Tantric Meditation (somatic expression for creativity and connection). You are only capable of loving and caring for others to the depth that you love and care for yourself. Its not easy living in a society that conditions you to antagonize yourself and feel worthless based on your gender, age, body size, sexual orientation, social status, personality, qualifications, or level of productivity. Self-love is an act of resistance and rebellion against the cycles of suffering that plague our world. If you want to to enhance your health, cultivate confidence, and discover a true sense of vitality and self-worth, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.