“Maria’s methodology is a true representation of her passions & her gifts. In our work together I was able to cultivate a stronger connection between my mind & my body, and unearth a powerful vision for myself as a creator. As a result, I am infinitely more grounded, not just in my personal practice, but on my journey to self actualization.”


Sacred Ceremony

Modern rituals and intentional design for people of all backgrounds and belief systems. Maria collaborates with you, your family and community to create a meaningful ceremony that supports holistic healing and transformation.

+ Seasonal Transition & Home Cleansing
+ Honoring of Age, Birth & Death
+ Holiday Tradition & Family Celebration
+ Divine Feminine Cultivation

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Marriage & Weddings

Spiritual guidance and personal support for couples who are planning to exchange marriage vows. Tantric counseling with Maria will support you to express your personal intentions and clarify your shared desires in the process of of wedding-planning. You will learn exercises for whole-heart intimacy, stress relief, and authentic communication so that you can joyfully and confidently experience the thrill of proclaiming your love as a couple!

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“Maria’s program is so valuable that I wish it was fundamental part of an educational program offered to a wide group of individuals. It brought forth many thoughts and blockages that I needed to feel and work through to be lighter. It also gave me tools to use in the future to continue this process throughout all aspects of my life.”

Maria’s Vows

“Words are not enough to express my love for you.

How do I describe this indescribable feeling?
The feeling that comes from deep within my soul,
Singing a sweet and terrible melody
That you are the person with whom I am to share this life.

How can I explain the joy that swells up inside me when I am in your presence?
The kind of joy that floods every cell in my body
With wonder and delight,
Begging me to explore the mystery that soaks each breath I take.

How do I touch on all that you have taught me?
The lessons that I did not ask for,
But I cannot imagine having not received. 

Words are not enough to express my love for you.
But words are all I have.
And so here, I give you my word:

I promise to stand by your side.
To celebrate your triumphs,
And push you toward your dreams.

I promise to listen and share my heart fully.
To embrace you when I am angry,
And lean in closer when I want to run away.

I promise to remember all that you have given me,
And remind you of all that you have to give.

I promise to wrap your wounds.
To supply you with energy,
Like you are my own flesh and blood.

I promise to always be truthful,
To give you my whole being.

I promise to devote my life to our love.”


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