If you want to experience peace in your life, you must first cultivate peace within yourself. Tantra Yoga provides a practical set of tools to deepen all of your relationships by working to resolve challenging issues such as miscommunication, emotional outbursts, jealousy, resentment, distrust, generational trauma, and fear of intimacy. Being in relationship is the ultimate practice of Yoga, because it requires a high level of devotion amidst all of life’s uncertainties. Tantra offers a way to move past your fear of the unknown so that you can cultivate openness, integrity, mutual trust, honest communication, friendship, shared happiness, and true love. If you want to feel connected to your authentic self, emotionally supported in your relationships, and empowered by your community, please contact Maria for self-care practices to enhance your personal and professional relationships.

When you love someone,

A tangible, touchable someone,

The whole world opens up.

If you want to know the universe,

Dare to love one person.

- Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Yukti 99 (Translation by Lorin Roche)

Tantra offers a gateway to experience wonder and delight through every single interaction and relationship. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras defines the main cause of suffering as the fear of annihilation (Abhinidvesa). This fear not only encompasses the fear of death, but mainly it speaks to the paralyzing fear of ego-destruction. It is completely natural to feel strongly attached to your personal identity and to resist anything or anyone that makes you question who you are. But this attachment to your ego and aversion to anything that threatens your ego - this is highly toxic and only perpetuates the cycles of suffering. Inspired by Tantra and Yoga Sutra 1:33, you can achieve an “undisturbed calmness of mind” and discover the secrets of the universe by cultivating these four qualities:

  1. Friendliness toward the happy

  2. Compassion for the unhappy

  3. Delight in the virtuous

  4. Disregard toward the wicked

The goal of Tantra Yoga is to genuinely convert your energy into love - not to portray a false sense of love, compassion, kindness, or joy. If you have a desire to establish healthy boundaries, create authentic relationships, and deepen your spiritual practice, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.