Purpose & Abundance

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. Tantra Yoga invites you to combine your skills and passions so that you can live with a sense of purpose, security, pleasure, and freedom. No matter the field of work, many people struggle with feeling worthless, undervalued, overwhelmed, unsuccessful, unproductive, and lacking a sense of stability and financial independence. The “scarcity mentality” is incredibly toxic, and it manifests as grasping for money, clinging to stressful situations, acting out of desperation, subconscious coercion, compulsive manipulation, and the need for external validation. Tantra Yoga philosophy invites you to tear down the systems of oppression instilled through patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy by cultivating an unwavering sense of self-worth. If you want to feel successful, empowered, and fairly valued in your career and personal life, please contact Maria for spiritual guidance to find your true purpose and embrace a life of abundance.

We are enriched not by what we posses, but by what we can do without.

- Immanuel Kant

Money is a form of energetic exchange. When you provide your time, attention, knowledge, and expertise, you are offering a piece of your life-force energy (prana). If you feel energetically depleted, you are most likely offering too much of yourself and not getting enough back in return. Instead of trying to “get more,” Tantra Yoga asks you to honestly and genuinely reflect on the following questions: 1) “What do I provide?” 2) “What do I receive?” and 3) “Why am I involved in this exchange?” By bringing your awareness to your underlying intentions, you will be able to identify and implement ways of effective communication, empathetic leadership, fair business practices, and healthy boundaries in professional relationships. Tantra encourages you to practice self-forgiveness and cultivate the four immeasurable virtues (Brahmaviharas) that are allow you to receive infinite abundance. To support your process, you can actively send these good wishes towards yourself and every person you encounter:

  1. May your good fortune increase.

  2. May you be happy.

  3. May you be free from shame and suffering.

  4. May you be free from attachment and aversion.

The goal of Tantra is to awaken a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, desire, and aliveness in every aspect of your life! If you feel a calling to inhabit your true nature, carve a unique path that aligns with your creative vision, and positively transform the world, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.