Pelvic Floor

Your physical body is a storehouse of mental impressions. Tantra Yoga offers gentle and holistic methods to relieve stress in your body, liberate your mind, and reclaim your health through the transformative power of self-love. Whether you are healing from past trauma, managing symptoms of pain and discomfort, or actively seeking ways to enhance pleasure, Tantra combines breathing exercises, restorative postures, sensory stimulation, and vocalization to help you achieve the result you desire. Many women and men suffer from feelings of shame, resentment, unresolved guilt, remorse, neglect, mental dissociation, attachment and aversion. If these emotions remain unprocessed, they continue living inside the body and often manifest as physical pain, recurring infection, chronic discomfort, fear of intimacy, and sexual dysfunction. The intention of Tantra is to embrace all parts of yourself with patience, compassion, curiosity, self-inquiry, and self-forgiveness - with each inhale and exhale. If you wish to feel more vibrant, empowered, awakened, inspired, and nourished in your whole body and mind, please contact Maria for personal guidance and self-care practices for pelvic health.

Our breath is the most reliable rhythm in our lives.

- Donna Farhi

The diaphragm is the primary muscle during respiration. It acts as a gateway between the mind and body, translating and filtering your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, and sensory information. Diaphragmatic breathing is the most powerful tool for healing and transformation, because it grounds your body in the present moment and invites you to form a coexisting relationship with earth’s gravity. If the diaphragm is not engaged properly during the act of breathing, physical pain and chronic illness can develop as a side effect. Tantra Yoga teaches you to breathe efficiently by using all three diaphragms (throat, ribcage, and pelvis) so you can actively engage and fully relax during each breath cycle. This technique enables you to effectively deepen your breath and recreate a true sense of aliveness so that you can cultivate new levels of sensation, stability, strength, beauty, and pleasure. If you are seeking personal support, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.