Nourish Meditation Series {12 Audios}

Nourish Meditation Series {12 Audios}


A collection of 12 Tantric meditations to leave you feeling inspired, grounded and uplifted. Each practice is designed to make meditation simple and enjoyable with breathing exercises, mindfulness, creative visualization and mudra (hand positions). You will be guided to reflect on your personal intentions in order to empower a greater sense of clarity in your mind and confidence in your body. You will naturally feel drawn to some techniques more than others, and the goal is to find what works for you. Nourish Meditation Series comes as 12 downloadable .mp3 audio files.

  1. Prana - Meditation to Awaken (6:20)

  2. Marut - Meditation to Protect (8:35)

  3. Kumbhaka - Meditation to Support (5:00)

  4. Shakti - Meditation to Empower (4:57)

  5. Krama - Meditation to Progress (5:18)

  6. Muktva - Meditation to Liberate (5:51)

  7. Purya - Meditation to Enrich (5:03)

  8. Hrdya - Meditation to Inspire (9:06)

  9. Patra - Meditation to Channel (6:10)

  10. Nyasa - Meditation to Connect (9:06

  11. Madhya - Meditation to Embrace (5:53)

  12. Anahata - Meditation to Love (5:06)

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the audio files. This link will expire 24 hours after checkout. You can easily add this audio playlist to your iTunes or Audio Library and access it wherever you store your music.

Suggested Use: Create a sacred space for your practice. You may come to a seated or reclined position, using a cushion for comfort and blanket for warmth. Listen to one meditation and be mindful of how the intention instills a new sense of awareness in the rest of your day. To deeply explore the 12 teachings, you can practice the same meditation daily for 12 days in a row. This commitment will allow you to fully absorb the benefits of the practice while creating a layered sense of beauty, meaning and personal resonance.

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