Meditation is the act of savoring each moment and soaking up the richness of your sensory experience.

When you intentionally slow down and turn your awareness inward, you can transform your body, create peace and steadiness in your mind, and powerfully shape all of your relationships and interactions - with yourself and the world. Maria Borghoff (E-RYT, YACEP) helps students integrate Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Tantra philosophy into their life so they can connect to their inner source of wisdom. Lessons combine breathing, visualization, mantra, essential oils, and physical props. 

"Maria's teaching style is so valuable that I wish it was fundamental part of an educational program offered to a wide group of individuals. It brought forth many thoughts & blockages that I needed to feel & work through to be lighter. It also gave me tools to use in the future to continue this process throughout all aspects of my life."

Meditation audio Library


Private Yoga & Tantric Readings

Virtual sessions for individuals, couples & creative entrepreneurs

Body-centered practices to transform your life & discover an intimate soul connection. Sessions are customized and may include physical Yoga exercises, breathing & meditation, Ayurvedic adjustments, Tantra philosophy, energetic assessment, and more.

Online Courses

Coming Spring 2019

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Certification 8-month program studying Tantra Hatha Yoga

This program guides you to enhance all aspects of your life through the rich traditions of Yoga. The training curriculum comes from a Yoga Alliance Registered School and is rooted in Tantra Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes the study of physical anatomy, breathing, meditation, body energetics, and Yoga philosophy. Begins January, 2019 @ Pure Motion Yoga in Atlanta, GA.



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