The true nature of your heart is whole, unchanging, unwounded, and unbroken. Meditation is a challenging practice, because the emphasis is often focused on mental concentration and observing the movement of your mind (chitta vritti). But while the voice of your mind is shouting, your heart speaks in a whisper. Tantric Meditation is a creative and unique tradition that employs various techniques such as breathing exercises, mantra chanting, hand mudras, visualization, and sensory stimulation to help you effectively quiet your mind and access the infinite energy of your heart. Tantra says that the only way to fail at meditation is to avoid trying. It is common to become frustrated, bored, or distracted during the beginning of a meditation practice, but the treasures of your heart will remain locked away if you are not patient while finding the key! If you are ready to establish a daily meditation practice, please contact Maria for a personalized practice that will serve your life.

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.

Listen to the song that is always resonating.

Give yourself to it with total abandon.

Quiet ecstasy is here,

And a steady, regal sense

Of resting in a perfect spot.

- Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Yukti 26 (Translation by Lorin Roche)

Mantra literally means “tool for the mind,” and chanting mantra is a powerful technique to connect with the wisdom of your heart. It can be awkward and difficult at first, but the more you practice, the more you will discover new ways to cultivate ease (sukha) and steadiness (sthira) in your body and mind. By chanting sacred sounds and mentally repeating mantras, you will inherently discover a deep sense of peace and wholeness that resides within you. If you wish to positively shift your mindset, boost your energy, release self-judgment, transform negative thought patterns, and cultivate peace, happiness, and faith, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.