Issue 3. Threshold

Doorway to Hope,   by CocoClem

Doorway to Hope, by CocoClem


Find Your Voice: The Nature of Understanding & Translating Truth

Words by Maria Borghoff

"The quickest path to understanding is to let our voice shiver and shake. To push ourselves to the edge of discomfort and accept resistance as the point of entry. To stand in the doorway of possibility and feel the magnitude of potential."




Traversing the Worlds: On Being a Birth Vessel

Words by Elisabeth McCachren Mitchell

"An old wives tale claims that a woman’s labor pains serve to anchor her physically in this world so that she can traverse between worlds and heavens without floating off herself. What a mother finds is that not only is she birthing a baby, she is also birthing herself."



Goddess Tara Mantra 108

Tara means "to cross over" and "star." She is the one who ferries us across to the other side. Chanting this mantra to the Green Tara, Goddess of compassion, will invoke protection, longevity, and prosperity.

"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha"


Hedge Witch Ritual: Stepping into a New Phase

Poetry & photo series by Charlie Watts

"The Hedge Witch is the gate keeper. The woman at the threshold of the human and spirit world. The keeper of liminal space. She maintains the doorway from the forest into built civilization."


MOVE: Ground your body & open your back

BREATHE: Connect with earth & calm your mind

SING: Soften your heart & cultivate faith


Freedom Chase

I feel myself at a breaking point - a threshold if you will. Behind me is all I have learned and beyond me is the fearful unknown. But what is the point if this chase will only continue? Are we not here to discover our magic - our potential beyond time and space? If so - then the threshold is that which transforms us. It invites us to exist on two sides of the doorway, and we have three choices:

1. Turn around and repeat the same cycles

2. Stay put and feel the writhing of inaction

3. Enter the unknown and discover the realm that is no one’s to own - only to hold and embrace for a while before passing it along.

Too often, I ask myself, “What am I passing along? What am I creating that is new and good?” But there is nothing new or good. And whatever I do touch is not mine to claim. So instead, I want to ask, “What am I holding? What have I yet to embrace? How do I step towards the shared spaces that free me from the chase?"


Partner Head Massage

If you sense that someone needs your love, let go of words and give them your energy. Below are some simple instructions for giving and receiving a head massage to relieve stress, foster connection, and move forward with steadiness and ease.

Receiving Partner: Lay on the ground, with your knees bent & lower legs elevated on a couch or cushion. Have your favorite music playing, essential oils, blankets, etc. to help you relax.

Giving Partner: Sit comfortably behind your loved one, and listen to your intuition. Massage their forehead, temples, eyebrows, jaw, neck, and shoulders. Use your own deep breathing as a reminder for both of you to breathe together and let go of excess tension.

Maria Borghoff