Issue 2. Rebirth

Every Human's Birthright  , by Coco Clem

Every Human's Birthright, by Coco Clem


Corpse Pose & the Fear of Being Human

Words by Maria Borghoff

"When there are obstacles standing in the way of you becoming the person you want to be, the solution lies in your ability to surrender and emerge as the person you already are."


"we are afraid not of our limitations, but of the infinite within us."


Primal Play

Art by Maria Borghoff

Depicting the birth story of a woman who faced her fear with laughter, dancing and ruthless courage. She described her experience as "reaching into her brain" in order to overcome the sensations of immense pain and to joyfully give birth to another human being. Original placenta print with added acrylic and ink.


Dear End of the World: A Poem to Chinnamasta

Words by Colleen Choate

"fierce and tender
sliding forever down
in rage and still
feeds us with her blood
returning into some
nectar of
the river"



How to Tell the Truth When Writing a Blog Post

Words by Maria Borghoff

"Recently, I received the most moving and heartfelt question from a friend. It's a question that I ask myself every day, because I believe that honesty is the most fundamental aspect of human health."



Eye Relaxation for Stress Relief

Scientific studies show that rapid eye movement may be a result of sensory overstimulation and unprocessed emotions, memories, physical stress and/or repressed trauma. Just 5-10 minutes of laying in a reclined position with an eye pillow covering your eyes can support immediate relaxation, decrease stress levels, and enhance overall health. Remember to breathe deeply, and use any additional blankets and cushions to help you relax fully.

Born to Breathe

“May your bond never be broken, and all your heart set free. May you laugh and cry together, imperfect harmony. Wild and interconnected, may you live just like the trees. Fearless in your direction, staying true to how your breathe.”

"When the 'i' is replaced by 'we' even  illness becomes wellness."


Into Your Rain

A song by Adelaide Tai, described as the product of "feeling the collective sadness and trying to channel it into art so that it wouldn't swallow me."

A love letter to my baby sisters, friends, and anyone who needs it.

A love letter to anyone who knows me.

Recorded on tape, so that I wouldn't have the option of perfectionism.


It's A Cold Night To Be An Animal

Excerpt from The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston

A white rabbit hopped beside me, and for a moment I thought it was a blob of snow that had fallen out of the sky. The rabbit and I studied each other. Rabbits taste like chickens. My mother and father had taught me know to hit rabbits over the head with wine jugs, then skin them cleanly for fur vests. "It's a cold night to be an animal," I said. "So you want some fire too, do you? Let me put on another branch, then." I would not hit it with the branch. I had learned from rabbits to kick backward. Perhaps this one was sick because normally the animals did not like fire. The rabbits seemed alert enough, however, looking at me so acutely, bounding up to the fire. But it did not stop when it got to the edge. It turned its face once toward me, then jumped into the fire. The fire went down for a moment, as if crouching in surprise, then the flames shot up taller than before. When the fire became calm again, I saw the rabbit had turned into meat, browned just right. I ate it, knowing the rabbit had sacrificed itself for me. It had made me a gift of meat.


Mantra & the Yoga of Sound

"I knew that if I did not sing with people, I would not be able to clean up the dark places in my heart." - Krishna Das

Mantra: Sounds into Silence is a film by Georgia Wyss and documentary about music, meditation and chanting. It explores the phenomenon of Kirtan, a social and spiritual tradition  that originated in various religious groups from India but has recently spread to all parts of the world. Mantra is a beautiful synopsis of music as a universal language, a tool for transformation and transcendence, as well as a method for creating cross-cultural healing and inner peace.  If you're looking to be uplifted and inspired by the instinctual love generated when people when people gather together, sing and use their voices to find harmony, you will definitely enjoy this film.

"Each of us is an artist - everyone is involved whether they like it or not in the construction of their world."

Cut Through the Bullshit

Letter by Michael Petilli

"I'm heartbroken. The sadness is immense. The tragedy is incomprehensible. I am devastated over the death of my hero, Anthony Bourdain. He inspired me, and countless others, to break out of our comfort zones, to fall in love with travel and to immerse ourselves in different cultures. I am so grateful for his life, despite its tragic ending. In this confusing and chaotic world, Tony was able to cut through the bullshit and show us all how to live through true experience. He had no time for the pretentious critics or the blowhards with their faux machisimo. Rather, he valued REAL people, the unencumbered creative spirit and, most of all, a good meal with friends.Thank you for showing us all the stupidity of ethno-chauvinism and for building all of these beautiful bridges between people around the world. Tony, your legacy of compassion, curiosity and adventure will NEVER be forgotten. ALL of the people you inspired will take up the mantle. We will explore, write, cook, share and EXPERIENCE! We WILL cut through the bullshit and try to bring people together just like you did. RIP Anthony Bourdain. Thanks for the ride. Thanks for showing me the world. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better, more courageous and more curious person. Sending all my thoughts and love to your family in this difficult time."


The Power of People

"What takes courage is looking at our own backyard and saying, 'We got some cleaning up to do.'" - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In the midst of an immigration crisis, where children are being separated from their families and held at detention centers along the US border, there is a renewed sense of hope with the biggest upset victory in the 2018 midterm election season. On June 26, 2018, the 28-year-old educator and community organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated an unexpected victory against Representative Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for New York's 14th congressional district. The defeated incumbent had been holding office for nearly 20 years, and was the likely next Speaker of the House; the district includes the Bronx & Queens neighborhoods with a 50% population made of immigrants. Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and a former organizer for Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. But despite the position of her platform, Ocasio-Cortez's victory is a wake up call for individuals and local communities to reclaim their power and create the change they wish to see.

Maria Borghoff