Issue 6. Gratitude


Whole Heart Exchange by Coco Clem


7 Steps to Create Your Sacred Space

by Maria Borghoff

We are all seeking some sort of magic. The kind of magic that makes us feel closer and more intimate with the part of ourselves that we cannot touch - the palpable yet indescribable feeling of divine intelligence.


“Gratitude is the expansive breath that gives my heart more room.”


Spinning a Web of Abundance

by Elisabeth McCachren Mitchell

In the days of pinched bank accounts, and snotty-noses, and heart-breaking politics, our attitude can shift us from despair to content. Life does not demand I appreciate it. I am the greatest beneficiary of a gracious attitude.



This is About Self-Love

by Laura Sofía Zepeda

This is not about men. This is not about relationships. This is not about politics. This is about you. You are only worth what you think you are.


“With the small words of “thank you”, I spin a web of abundance.”

Radical Love & the Sin of Self-Forgiveness

by Maria Borghoff

We can pull out all the stops,
all the ~manifestation magic~ tricks in the book.
We can say all the *positive affirmations* that our little mind can muster.
But if we refuse to be vulnerable,
to let ourselves be seen
by ourselves...
we will never find the change we seek.


Moon Mantra & Embracing Your Feminine Power

Tantra 101: A Guide to Yoga Practice, Meditation and Sacred Intimacy

by Maria Borghoff

Tantra is the act of moving beyond our limitations. The root of the word Tantra means “to stretch” or “to weave.” The are many shades and styles of Tantra, but originally it is a tradition that empowers us to find our soul’s true purpose.


Maria Borghoff