Patterns of Down


I don't want this wonderful life to go by me without being documented. I write to understand the thoughts in my own head; to parse out the world I'm living in.

Y'all are seeing it too, right?

Sometimes I feel lost in thought. 

The light teal sage against the pink clay slabs. 

The smooth greyed driftwood against the forest floor.

Faded wildflowers.

You see that too, right? 

The way the fern overlays the lime green lily pad shaped leaves. 

The light blue, flowering flax in the middle of the dry soil among prairie dogs. 

Sometimes I forget to look up, I'm so caught in the patterns of down.


Josephine Wood Josephine is a digital marketing professional, veggie-heavy amateur chef, ardent gardener and yogi based in the bountiful flatirons of Boulder, Colorado.

Maria Borghoff