The Dawn of Peace & Prosperity

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“I don't know what they want from me. It's like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”

The Notorious B.I.G spoke the truth - more money is equivalent to more problems. Yet we live in a world of always wanting more, craving pleasure and abundance as if they are a solution. But can we find refuge in goodness and generosity if we are always expecting angst to follow? Is it possible to attain both peace and prosperity?

“There is no such thing as peace of mind. You either have peace, or you have a mind.”

These wise words from Yogarupa Rod Stryker reveal the paradox of nature that blankets our whole life experience. Overwhelmed by the endless spinning of thoughts, we attempt to silence the mind. Yet these trials will always be futile, because the mind’s sole purpose is to keep moving, and it only grows louder when stifled. Caught in chaos and lost in the intricacies of relationship, we look outward for answers. Yet the solace that we seek is not beyond reach - it is within the heart.

The heart chakra is the major intersection of energetic exchange. Peace is “freedom from disturbances” that accompany being alive, acquiring goods, and solving problems. Our desire for peace is not a quest for calm and quiet - we are longing for liberation. Peace is the feeling of being satiated by the exact moment of right now. Prosperity is the state of wellness that carries us closer to our true nature. It is the path of positive influence, and our desire for prosperity is a desire be part of the conversation and human condition. Yet we tend to get trapped by our achievements, or we deprive ourselves of goodness, because we are attached to identity, confined to the structures of familiarity. The most familiar belief structure of all is that there is a limited amount of goodness - a finite source of positive energy with which we can exchange.

“It required me to give up pieces of myself, and I don’t want to do that.”

This a quote from Scaachi Koul, a writer who was reporting on the “complicated experience” and internet craze of ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response. She described it as strange, unfamiliar, and slightly unnerving, yet causing a state of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Koul enjoyed parts of the experience, and she wanted more of it - but apparently, she was not willing to “give up” parts of herself in order to feel that sense of peace. Because attachment is comfortable, and it will always leave us unsatisfied. Yet the life experiences we desire to have require a detachment from what we know and a willingness to discover.

We live in a world plagued by poverty, oceans littered with plastic, and a human species suffering from the disease of discontent. The Tantric tradition says there is an immeasurable reservoir of human energy available to us for healing, growth and transformation. If we wish to enter a dawn of time where peace and prosperity can live together, we must inhabit our heart. We must give our whole being.

What if we put our dollars towards people we trust? What if we invested in our own integrity and personal values? What if we turned away from those who propagate fear and skepticism of a brighter future? What if we turned our attention toward businesses and organizations that are promoting peace & prosperity for all?

The task at hand is to cultivate ease (sukha) and steadiness (sthira) amidst the unfolding abundance in our lives. Whether that is an excess amount of good or bad, ease of posture will bring us peace and steadiness of mind will grant us prosperity.

So I ask you this…

How do you desire to prosper?

Tantra teaches us to dance in the realm of light and shadow, embracing our own potential.

Why are you holding yourself back?

Tantra teaches us to infuse our prayers with the earth’s plenty, applying salve to the soul with a swift fist.

Can you shift your perspective and lean into the infinite energy within you and all around?

Tantra teaches us to swim in the bounty of what we already possess, for there is more than enough goodness to go around.


 Maria Borghoff (E-RYT, YACEP) is the curator of Groove Forward Magazine and has been teaching yoga since 2011. Her work helps people integrate the practice of yoga into their life through meditation, Tantra Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. Maria writes songs to cultivate faith, leads a 200-hour teacher training, and offers Private Readings & Mentorship for individuals, couples & creative entrepreneurs. @mariaborghoff

Maria Borghoff