Cups: A Poem to Fill You Up

filling all your cups

the hard way

pushing them

         under until

the pull of

         water in the

fabric of being

         made whole

                           -ly transparent

the moment;

as your head on
my shoulder

heart feels
so soft

I was shocked
         to find

the flat solid structure
         of my breastbone

so sure
my hand
could sink right in

tipping forward, spilling

the river wanted to

daughter of the mountain

what if

you closed

         your eyes


what if

I stood alone

for hundreds of years
standing one-legged
in the mountains

chanting the
destroyer’s name

would you

slow and solid
liquid as a cow

tucked in the
  soft spot
where the crickets
  chirp in the
  morning and
the clouds come
to the ground

                  kiss your cheeks

  float through the

wondering how to hold
  all this green
  in your body

you tremble and shake

the breath

         catches the

what if you held
me, licked my paw

carried me to the
top of your
favorite mountain

caught the river
in your hair

filled up the
between your ribs

enough to make you cough

force of expansion
what it would be like
to be so

                           wildly devoted

your sternum          finally

cracked open

heart bounds

all the
of water

in your body

         rushing together

can I just say?
                                    how glad I   am

you named          me 


Colleen Choate is a dancer, yogi, and writer currently living in Richmond, VA. She recently graduated with a degree in Dance Studies from Appalachian State University, where she researched the possibilities of somatic-based inquiry into writing, movement, and choreography for personal and collective healing.

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