Born from Creation, Born to Create

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Community. Group. Society. Sisterhood. Fraternity.

All these words come from the concept of “family.” As humans, we are on a constant search of belonging and  acceptance - looking for ways to be part of a group in order to feel like we have a purpose in this world.

We all want the unconditional love born from the family bond, yet the love we seek can only come from ourselves. Still, there are countless advantages to being part of a community and building relationships that have no conditions. After all, the more you give without expectation of something in return, the more you actually receive.

But how do we learn to trust?

How do we choose to invest our time and energy?

Think of a tree, and you might first imagine the solid trunk that stands upright to support the entire being. Yet we know that the roots are what feed the whole tree, drawing nutrients from the soil and growing branches outward in all directions to construct a form that is full of life.

Just as the tree adjusts its roots and the direction of its branches to gather the nourishment it requires, we too must carefully craft our connections to create the community that we seek. We can choose a community that gives us life. Or we can make choices that give us death.

When we are attracted to another person, we either see a trait in them that we desire or we perceive a similarity between the two of us. Like bees are drawn to the fruitful smell of a blooming flower, we can embrace each other in co-creation. We can grow our community together, find harmony in the vibrations that we share, and give life to our common purpose.

This is the beauty of community when we use it to share what we’ve encountered and lived. Stories are told, pain is healed, people come and go, and it’s all part of the cycle that life is. It is our job to keep these communities healthy and productive, not toxic and destructive. We were born from creation, which means we are beings born to create.


Laura Sofía Zepeda is a lover of art. She is currently working on getting her degree in Psychology while writing, practicing yoga and meditation to keep the creativity flowing. She works with a non-profit organization called Far More Productions that helps people fight suicide and depression and seek to create films that are relatable while offering good-quality content. Follow her journey @laurasofiazep.

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