Hedge Witch Ritual: Stepping into a New Phase

The Hedge Witch is the gate keeper.

The woman at the threshold of the human and spirit world.

The keeper of liminal space. 

She maintains the doorway from the forest into built civilization. Her being is a vessel for transmutation - from the plants to our own consciousness. Historically, she was an outcast who lived on the outskirts of town and had a unique understanding of the occult. The town feared her for her healing abilities. The forest cherished her for tending to the fallen trees and injured animals. Herbal plant knowledge rest in her bones. 

While in the past we burned her, she now provides an infinite depth of understanding to navigate this strange existence. Listen to her stories, sing her songs, honor her spirit for she is an archetype we all have encountered. 

A Ritual for Stepping Through the Threshold

The Hedge Witch rests easy in transitional states, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us do. If you are looking to groove forward to the next stage of your life, perform this simple ritual on a New Moon. Begin by collecting the following materials:

1 White Chime Candle

Sage/Palo Santo 

Candle Holder

Small strip of fabric 



With the sage or palo santo, light it, and walk around the room where you wish to perform your ritual. Pause in front of any windows or doorways and blow smoke through them./

Come to a comfortable seat with your candle, scissors, and fabric in front of you. Close your eyes and imagine a circle of protection drawing itself around you. Call in any spirit guides, angels, or ancestors that would be helpful in this ritual./

With the edge of the scissors, or another sharp point, carve your intention into the chime candle. It could be along the lines of “Moving forward into Abundance” or “Moving past Grief.” Pause and listen to your inner thoughts. What is your truest intention?/

Light the candle and place it in the holder. Take three deep cleansing breaths. Place the strip of fabric in front of the candle and meditate on your attention. Look in the flame and let any messages from spirit speak./

Take the scissors in your hand and place them around the middle of the fabric and say:

“And with this cut, I step through the threshold from one stage of my life to the next.”

And cut the fabric in two!/

Rest in meditation while the candle continues to burn. Begin to let your circle and guides go. Let the candle burn all the way down. Bury or burn the fabric if possible./



by Charlie Watts

Maria Borghoff