Find Your Voice: The Nature of Understanding & Translating Truth

While hiding behind the veils of self-image, our deepest desires are often revealed.

We inhabit the spaces that reinforce our chosen identity, and we only travel to places where our presence is clearly valued. We turn away from things that make us question who we are, and we reject people who reflect that which we do not want to be. But in attempt to portray a strong front of success, we are only showing our greatest weakness.

Because all that anyone wants is to be understood. To be seen in the light that we want to see ourselves. To be heard speaking the words that resonate in our own heart. To be felt with the greatest sincerity, as if someone was standing inside our own skin.

“If you wish to be understood, seek first to understand.”

The quickest path to understanding is to let our voice shiver and shake. To push ourselves to the edge of discomfort and accept resistance as the point of entry. To stand in the doorway of possibility and feel the magnitude of potential. To embrace intense sensation and accept both the fear of failure and wild success. To take ownership of our actions and responsibility for exceeding our own expectations.

The boundaries that separate our authority and authenticity must be lifted, otherwise we will always be operating in the shadows of "what could be." As we work to achieve our dreams, we often forget the slow pace of nature and the unfolding of wisdom that comes with time. It’s easier to push past challenges, forcing our way to the finish line. But it takes courage to remember the potency of pausing and the leverage that comes from listening - both internally and externally.

Your creative intelligence resides in your ability to translate.

Your voice is essential. As an artist, educator, advocate, community member, and human being, your voice is a bridge to be built. You can carefully craft a beautiful vision of peace, prosperity, and purpose, intricately woven with layers of meaning and good intentions. But words and desires are pointless if they are lost in translation. And if you are unable to establish understanding, then your voice will feel like a burden rather than a treasure.

The effectiveness of our Yoga practice is measured by the quality of our relationships. So instead of obsessively shaping a self-image, let's spend more time reflecting on what we are sharing. Rather than speaking in the form of statements, perhaps we can learn to ask questions. To step outside ourselves in order to understand ourselves. To find our voice so that we may honor our collective truth.

Below is a breathing exercise and guided meditation to help you connect with earth and calm your mind.


Maria Borghoff (E-RYT, YACEP) is the curator of Groove Forward Magazine and has been teaching yoga since 2011. Her work helps passionate people integrate the practice of yoga into their life through art, movement, Tantra meditation and Ayurveda consulting. Maria writes songs to cultivate faith, leads a 200-hour teacher training, and offers private teachings/ mentorship for individuals, couples & creative entrepreneurs. Follow her journey @mariaborghoff.

Maria Borghoff