This is About Self-Love


Hands are for reaching.

Feet are for grounding.

Eyes are for contemplating.

Ears are for listening.

Mouth is for speaking.

Heart is for grasping all of the above.

“Please, don´t leave”, she says. “I need you in my life. I don´t exist without you. I don´t know who I am when you´re gone.”

I am addicted to you, she doesn’t say, I seek validation in what you think of me. I don’t think I am worth much, but you are here for some reason, so I will please you until I have nothing left to give. I think of being independent and it terrifies me, so I simply do not do it. I would rather be your slave, than go through life alone with no one to look at me, even though you don’t; with no one to tell me I’m beautiful, even though you never have; with no one to treat me the way I deserve, even though you beat me with your hurtful words. I would rather be nothing…

This is not about men. This is not about relationships. This is not about politics. This is about you. You are only worth what you think you are. Some people may believe you deserve the world and roses and chocolates and hugs and kisses, but if you think you are worth none of that that is exactly what some others will have to offer to you. Too many women are not grateful for themselves and never treat their bodies and minds with respect. Let’s not judge them because we know how damn hard it is to find self-satisfaction. It is certainly not impossible. But some days only spit negativity on your face, making you think you might finally give up after today’s sunset. You know that is not true, though. You are meant to succeed and you will. Gratitude comes from within and is shown on the outside. Love yourself. Give yourself that romantic glow on your face. Cradle yourself to sleep and sing yourself a lullaby. You deserve it.

This is not about men. This is not about relationships. This is not about politics.

This is about self-love.


Laura Sofía Zepeda is a lover of art. She is currently working on getting her degree in Psychology while writing, practicing yoga and meditation to keep the creativity flowing. She works with a non-profit organization called Far More Productions that helps people fight suicide and depression and seek to create films that are relatable while offering good-quality content. @laurasofiazep

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