Radical Love & the Sin of Self-Forgiveness


Have you felt that rotten feeling before? The one that holds an ineffable power over you? The one that weighs you down with worthlessness, jealousy, and irrational self-loathing.

No? I must be a total weirdo.

Yes? Thank god, because ME TOO.

Now, the question is how do we escape it?
How do we transform this feeling that we want to keep hidden? 

We can pull out all the stops,
all the ~manifestation magic~ tricks in the book.
We can say all the *positive affirmations* that our little mind can muster.
But if we refuse to be vulnerable,
to let ourselves be seen
by ourselves...
we will never find the change we seek.

Personally, I've come to a powerful realization in my practice lately. And it has been affirmed by those who are closest to me...

It is the sin of self-forgiveness.

Why is forgiving yourself considered a sin? Because we are often taught that misery, punishment, guilt, shame and pain are the only things that are making us "good people." In order to experience goodness, we must fully identify and take ownership of the mistakes that we've made. We must suffer in order to earn our worth. We must work hard, make sacrifices, and labor for a long time in order to achieve success. If we forgive ourselves too easily or too quickly or at all completely, we will not understand our true value and will be unable to enjoy the gifts we receive.

I used to believe this shit. I used to eat it up... for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now, I realize that it is *toxic*. Because when we deny ourselves forgiveness, we take this small torch and we shove it down real deep. And slowly, it begins to burn us from the inside out.

But when we give ourselves permission,
To receive the same compassion that we offer to other people...
To experience a sense of divine and radical love...
To ourselves and from ourselves...

True transformation is possible.

There is no magic show required. No damnation of necessary. Just an absolute, unwavering commitment to see yourself and to forgive yourself. Because the grudges you hold against yourself... they serve no one, except for the forces that aim to keep you down.

So in the movement of ME TOO...

Let's all take a stand, and stop hiding from ourselves.

Because a peaceful world is possible if we learn to cultivate peace within.

With love,



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Maria Borghoff