Basic Rules for Spell Casting


a spell is a collective moment/movement. even alone you are never the only one there.

1. fall through the

shimmering locality

of your mirror

2. there are 7 cardinal directions. you are in all of them.

all of them are you.

3. let your palm



4. a spell moves        in a circle    how you could ever            quantify time?

5. you are the shimmering

dust of your own

love-making. spell-


6. If you have not taken a bath recently, do so.

let the water enter your

skin, relax, vagina, relax,

hungry mouth of

the spine

7. rest gently on

my knee

8. cobwebs

are a




in their

own forms


9. wrap

your own

damn wounds.

be gentle.

10. stand up. feel the

water trickle

down your leg

the gravity

12. Breathe

extend your hand


13. your center tugs

me closer

magnetized by being

14. the sky exhales                      you are released


a luminous ghost

brought you to me

form within formlessness

16. you don’t need to ask


to lay in the grass

smell the mineral dirt

shake yourself out

the leaves ask

no one’s permission

to fall

12. Gravity loves you.

Why else, would

it have shaped

your spine?


Colleen Choate is a dancer, yogi, and writer currently living in Richmond, VA. She recently graduated with a degree in Dance Studies from Appalachian State University, where she researched the possibilities of somatic-based inquiry into writing, movement, and choreography for personal and collective healing. @colleen_leandra

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