Venus Goddess Ritual for Nourishment

Photo by Charlie Watts

Photo by Charlie Watts

Standing in the midst of darkness, what light are you sharing with the world?

Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with an average temperature of 864° F. As the 2nd closest planet to the Sun, she has a dense atmosphere filled with carbon-dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat and blocks light. Venus is home to over possibly 100,000 volcanoes, created by unique formations that haven’t been found on any other planets. Even with her close proximity to the Sun, the surface of Venus receives only 5% sunlight exposure that we enjoy here on Earth.

Imagine that level of darkness - all the time. Imagine that amount of heat - constant and suffocating. We tend to think of dark places as cold, stagnant and dead. Yet Venus represents the power of darkness and the potential of harnessing your own heat.

October 31, 2018 marks the final day of the Venus Retrograde - a cycle that occurs every 19 months. On November 1, Venus will emerge as a “Morning Star,” visible in the early daytime sky. Her radiant light serves as a reminder to not to be swallowed up by the darkness, but rather to increase our capacity for goodness.

Yielding to our desires, Venus is the incarnation of feminine strength.

She calls us to awaken our intuition and respond to the divine calling that comes from within.

We can turn away from the destruction, hiding from the vast landscape of erupting volcanoes extending far out in the distance. We can fall into dismay, weighed down by the sense of loss in the present and the possible demise of our future. Or we can delight in the dance of sensations. The graceful and unpredictable play of pleasure and pain. We can celebrate the opportunities that we’ve been given and the privilege to move at our own pace.

Venus invites us to reflect on our values and recalibrate our relationships. She beckons us infuse our days with beauty and harmony, allowing ourselves to be influenced by acts of love. She welcomes honest and effortless collaboration, opening our hearts to the transformation of desire. She asks us to be courageous. To recognize the subtle shifts in our own direction, and turn toward the nectar that nourishes.

How do you know if you are on the right path?

You can ignite your energy of desire and invoke Venus through the following Goddess Ritual:

  1. Find a place (indoor or outdoor) that holds the feeling of rich heat and slight discomfort. This can be literal or metaphorical.

  2. Collect flowers and call them by name. Give them a special vase and bless the water that you feed them.

  3. Cultivate a sensuous environment of receptivity and relaxation. Gather supplies that make you feel cozy. Wear clothes made of colorful and soft fabric. Decorate your skin and fingers with jewelry and floral perfume. Brew yourself a hot and sweet beverage, and sip slowly while drawing your awareness to the ground.

  4. Find a beautiful piece of paper to write down your desired intention. What type of nourishment do you want to receive? What does it feel and look like? Identify it’s source. Where do you want to feel nourished? In your body, in your home, in your work, in your relationships?

  5. Read your intention aloud 27 times. Each time, feel a deep sense of gratitude and the fire of longing. If you like, you can pick a new flower petal with each recitation and place it in a circle around your piece of paper.

  6. Close your ritual by thanking Venus for her wild endurance and beautiful resistance.

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Maria Borghoff (E-RYT, YACEP) is the curator of Groove Forward’s Tantra Yoga Online Magazine and has been teaching Yoga since 2011. She writes songs to cultivate faith, leads a 200-hour Yoga teacher training, and offers Tantric Readings for individuals, couples & creative entrepreneurs. @mariaborghoff

Maria Borghoff