Every individual has the capacity to create positive change. Tantra Yoga empowers you to harness your creative intelligence and share your voice with the world. It is common for people with a high level of creativity to experience self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, feelings of depression, confusion, lack of direction, indecision, restlessness, disrupted sleep, vivid dreams, and questioning of self-worth. In order to avoid negative thought patterns from spiraling out of control, you must find a creative outlet that positively channels your energy, enhances your health, and supports your personal transformation. Tantra offers a unique set of tools and innovative practices to connect with mother nature, find inspiration, strengthen your intuition, and align your creative vision with your reality. If you want to feel more confident, courageous, and committed to your creative process, please contact Maria for daily rituals and expressive art techniques to reveal your highest potential.

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day.

- Brene Brown

The path of Tantra teaches you how to feel, listen, and intuitively respond to your body’s innate wisdom so that you can intentionally make choices that serve your highest self. Your hands, feet, and ears are microcosms of your body, so if you are feeling disoriented or disconnected, the most grounding and stabilizing practice is a combination of journaling, self-massage, and vocalization. This holistic practice invites you to tune your awareness to your inner voice of intuition and guiding creative force. From here, you have the liberty to access and unleash this wealth of wisdom in a myriad of forms:

  • Cooking & gardening

  • Fashion & interior design

  • Travel & cultural study

  • Reading, writing & poetry

  • Dancing, singing & music

  • Drawing, painting & collage

  • Weaving & paper-making

  • Sculpture & pottery

  • Walking & somatic movement

  • Yoga & sacred ceremony

The goal of Tantra is to empower your creative intelligence through a dedicated and regular practice of self-expression. If you are looking to build a more beautiful, authentic, meaningful, and enjoyable life through art-making, please contact Maria for Tantra Yoga counseling.