“If you wish to be understood, seek first to understand.” - Steven R. Covey

Creative Health is a path for passionate people who want to change the world.

Artists, teachers, therapists, yogis, scientists, environmentalists, engineers, wellness educators & health professionals.

Creative Health is often called a "practice," because it is an opportunity to move forward. It requires dedication and active participation in creating wholeness, peace and harmony. The mission of Groove Forward is to expand and redefine creative health practices and to empower community leaders. We provide practical knowledge by developing engaging and interactive education models, and we inspire positive change through collaboration.

Our integrative approach to wellness is built on five core values:

  1. Accessibility to health information

  2. Empathetic leadership - in personal & professional relationships

  3. Sustainable & mindful consumption

  4. Community as a source of self-sufficiency

  5. Patterns of positive growth

In your own way, you are already contributing to the Creative Health movement!


“The artist’s role is to connect the inner world with the outer world.” - Joseph Campbell

Let's collaborate & share your message!

Community Blog

Do you have a story you want to tell? Research you'd like to share? Groove Forward publishes personal essays, scientific reflections, and creative blog posts from contributors around the world.

Meditation Library

Do you create multimedia artwork? Audio or video exercises? Photography with a narrative? Groove Forward is building an online collection of meditations that we provide free of charge.

Online Consulting

Do you have a project in process, but you feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts? Groove Forward provides personal support and professional direction through content editing and online marketing.